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Why Fossil Fuels are a Dead End

There are many views out there in regard to fossil fuels. Many people believe that they are the only way for our world to survive, while others believe that finding alternative fuel sources should be something that is given one hundred percent of our attention. Which is right? Fossil fuels are a dead end that is approaching must faster than most had anticipated. However, many people are still under the assumption that fossil fuels are not coming to an end, but they are wrong.

Fossil fuels are slowly becoming obsolete. Not in that they are no longer being used. But, rather that they are getting to the point that they are running out. Fossil fuels are not a replenishing source of power and right now drilling companies are trying to find more in order to meet the needs of the world. When these sources run out, there will be nothing that is left, which is why alternative fuel sources need to be found that are in abundance and use items that never run out such as the use of solar power that relies on the Sun, or the use of hydroelectricity that rely on water to power homes and businesses, as well as vehicles.

In addition, the cost of fossil fuels is outrageous. Most people are paying over three dollars for one gallon of gasoline to power their vehicles, however driving solar powered cars would be much less expensive. And since it is something that people cannot do without, they simply have to shoulder the cost and find ways in which they can budget the rest of their lives. The cost of these fuels will only continue to rise as the demand increases and the supply decreases. It is the simply law of supply and demand. When the supply is completely, then there will be no where for people to turn in order to get power.

Fossil fuels are also responsible for the dangerous amounts of chemicals in the atmosphere that are leading to the increased effects of the greenhouse effect. These effects are starting to be felt in places throughout the world, such as Alaska where ice caps are melting. Hundreds of years ago, this was never given enough consideration, however, the effect that it is having on the animals in the environment are going to be those that the world cannot reverse once they happen.

The only hope that the world has in order to survive in the coming years, is to find those alternative fuels that are not going to affect the environment in such a harsh way, as well as help those people in the world be able to afford their way of life. If nothing is done, and no research is put into finding these alternative fuels then the future is uncertain. For those that believe our reliance upon fossil fuels as sources of power is not going to be a story of devastation, then they have not considered the facts and the problems that are occurring because fossil fuels are being used. Fossil fuels are essentially a dead end for the world.

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